Final Cut Pro X and Your Existing Mac Pro Computer

Starting Out Mac users interested in trying out video editing often start with iMovie, but given the much reduced price of Final Cut Pro with the recent Final Cut Pro X version (down from four digits to $299) it’s not long before its worth considering an upgrade to Final Cut. However, while Apple has madeContinue reading “Final Cut Pro X and Your Existing Mac Pro Computer”

Dedicated Cinema Lenses and Your DSLR

Cinema Lenses; What’s the Big Deal? Standard DSLR lenses of the type you already own for your DSLR cameras work quite well for shooting video, both with DSLR bodies, and with the next step up: Cinema cameras such as those from Black Magic and Camera Red, if the lens mounts are compatible. However there areContinue reading “Dedicated Cinema Lenses and Your DSLR”