Warning: Major Data Loss Potential in Photoshop CS6 & CC2015

As an expert Photoshop user I am meticulous about my processes and I do not expect to lose work. Today I have lost the same job, not once, but twice, before I figured out what was causing the issue. Let me share this “feature” with you before it costs you hours of labor as well.Continue reading “Warning: Major Data Loss Potential in Photoshop CS6 & CC2015”

Image Capture and Screenshots with the Apple Watch

The title of this article is a bit redundant; there is only one way to capture an image with the Apple Watch: by taking a screenshot. This choice seems odd to those thinking in terms of a Dick Tracey spy-watch, but in fact it is quite brilliant, given the adverse reaction to Google Glass andContinue reading “Image Capture and Screenshots with the Apple Watch”

Gradients and Step Wedges in Photoshop

Two common types of synthetic images created in Photoshop are gradients and step wedges. The most common gradient is an even field, from black to white, to test for the smoothness of your display or print. The most common step wedge set is a set of patches from black to white in a specific numberContinue reading “Gradients and Step Wedges in Photoshop”

Datacolor Photoshop CS6 & Lightroom 4 Webinar, Wednesday May 16, at 3PM EDT

Wednesday’s Datacolor Webinar will cover color management, and particularly soft proofing, using Photoshop CS6, plus the new soft proofing functions of Lightroom 4. Don’t miss this opportunity to get familiar with these new functions and how to use them, with David Saffir and myself. You can register for this webinar here. There will be aContinue reading “Datacolor Photoshop CS6 & Lightroom 4 Webinar, Wednesday May 16, at 3PM EDT”

Problems with Lightroom 4 export to Photoshop CS5

There is quite a bit of documentation on an issue where converting your Lightroom 3 library to Lightroom 4 compatability loses any custom tone curves you have applied to images, so I have refrained from moving into Lightroom 4 quite yet, as tempting as the new features may be. I’m still advising adventurous users toContinue reading “Problems with Lightroom 4 export to Photoshop CS5”

The Rise and Fall of Image Editor Prices

The big Image Editing news of March 6, 2012 was that Lightroom 4 had been released; and that the price for v4 was now half the previous price. This is not an isolated incident, and is cause to review the trends of image editing software pricing in general, to provide a background for this news.Continue reading “The Rise and Fall of Image Editor Prices”

Image Critique: Times Square Pedicab

I have received a great many comments on the image “Times Square Pedicab” and decided it would be a good image to use for a review of a number of image attributes, and of image editing to the degree that it was used to address the image content. Image Format The main factor here isContinue reading “Image Critique: Times Square Pedicab”