Disabling Apple’s Photos App Auto-Launch When Connecting a Phone

Having applications intelligently auto-launch is only helpful if you plan to use the application for that function. Since most advanced photographers use Adobe Lightroom to import and manage their images, having an Apple application offer to import your images is redundant, and can cause multiple copies of images to be stored on your hard drive.Continue reading “Disabling Apple’s Photos App Auto-Launch When Connecting a Phone”

The Changing Role of Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop: once the be-all and end-all of digital imaging; but no longer. There have always been Photoshop competitors, but none ever had the feature set, or the market reach, to seriously compete with Adobe’s flagship image editing application. But what competition alone could not alter, is changing over time, with other shifts in the industry.Continue reading “The Changing Role of Adobe Photoshop”

Using Datacolor’s SpyderCube with Lightroom 4’s Process 2012

Datacolor’s SpyderCube can be used to set white balance and exposure settings by shooting it in an initial image under a given lighting condition, correcting basic settings in RAW converters such as Adobe Lightroom, and then applying those corrections to all other images shot under the same conditions. Adobe’s new Lightroom 4 defaults to aContinue reading “Using Datacolor’s SpyderCube with Lightroom 4’s Process 2012”

Lightroom 4: Analyzing the New Process 2012 Controls

There are some fundamental changes between the controls and settings in Lightroom 3’s Process 2010, and Lightroom 4’s Process 2012. I have described these differences, and shown some of the value of the new controls, in previous articles, as well as the weaknesses inherent in the older process. It has been pointed out to meContinue reading “Lightroom 4: Analyzing the New Process 2012 Controls”

Color Management and Workflow Features in Photoshop CS6 Public Beta

Concerns about Photoshop Upgrades in General I’ve heard photographers complain, as Photoshop updates appear, that the newer versions are really not about photography, or the at least not the features they use for photo editing, and that some of the new features actually get in the way of the things they need to do. IContinue reading “Color Management and Workflow Features in Photoshop CS6 Public Beta”

Lightroom 4.1 Conversion Example

I have had requests for an example, not of a new image processed through Lightroom 4’s improved controls, but an older image that was problematic, moved forward to the new method. Its a fair question: what can the new Process2012 do for an older image? I selected an image that I could clearly recall havingContinue reading “Lightroom 4.1 Conversion Example”

Lightroom 4 and How it Processes Older Image Files

The History Photographers who have been using Lightroom for at least two years have images originally processed through Lightroom 2, Lightroom 3, and Lightroom 4 in their image libraries. Its important to understand how Lightroom 4 (V4.1 is actually used in all testing and examples) interacts with these legacy files. Moving from Lightroom 2 (whichContinue reading “Lightroom 4 and How it Processes Older Image Files”

Enhanced Functionalities in Lightroom 4

Adobe’s Photoshop Lightrooom 4, and its recent update v4.1 offer a new set of functions, defined as Process 2012. These new functions add or remove a control or two, and reworks others. While this is not as radical a set of changes as moving from Photoshop CS5 to CS6, it still requires some acclimation, thoughContinue reading “Enhanced Functionalities in Lightroom 4”