The Changing Role of Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop: once the be-all and end-all of digital imaging; but no longer. There have always been Photoshop competitors, but none ever had the feature set, or the market reach, to seriously compete with Adobe’s flagship image editing application. But what competition alone could not alter, is changing over time, with other shifts in the industry.Continue reading “The Changing Role of Adobe Photoshop”

Using the SpyderCube with Photoshop CS6 & Camera Raw 7.1

Once Lightroom 4 directions were completed, next on the list was a matching list of directions for using with Photoshop CS6 and its mate, Adobe Camera Raw 7.1. I’ll post those directions here, so that anyone using the SpyderCube who has upgraded to  CS6 can give this a try, and can send me comments ifContinue reading “Using the SpyderCube with Photoshop CS6 & Camera Raw 7.1”

ZDNet picks up CDTobie’s Photo Blog on Retina Display MBP

ZDNet, a major tech publisher, picked up this blog’s recent series of articles on the Retina display MacBook Pro, and published an article of their own consisting of quotes from my series, with short comments by the ZDNet’s writer David Morgenstern. This is a common ZD practice that follows copyright rules of fair usage. SoContinue reading “ZDNet picks up CDTobie’s Photo Blog on Retina Display MBP”

Top Search Terms Today; In a Nutshell: Retina Display Capabilities

In reviewing the incoming search terms on my blog site today, there is a very clear theme, as the first several term sets show. Do you see a theme developing here? Clearly there are a lot of people looking for information about the gamut and Photoshop compatibility of the new Retina display MacBook Pro… Credits:Continue reading “Top Search Terms Today; In a Nutshell: Retina Display Capabilities”

Retina Display MacBook Pro for Calibration and Photography

I have been asked to put together an overview of my observations on the Retina Display MacBook Pro, as related to photography, and specifically to display calibration. The material below draws on my previous analysis, plus further information about calibration of the Retina display. Resolution The Retina resolution of the new display is certainly itsContinue reading “Retina Display MacBook Pro for Calibration and Photography”

Photoshop CS6 on Retina Display MacBook Pro

When Apple announced the Retina display MacBook Pro, one of the applications which they demonstrated with it was Photoshop. But not a release version of Photoshop. The current release version of CS6 opens images at the same size, and the same resolution, as on a non-Retina display MBP. In comparison, Apple’s own Preview app opensContinue reading “Photoshop CS6 on Retina Display MacBook Pro”

Datacolor Photoshop CS6 & Lightroom 4 Webinar, Wednesday May 16, at 3PM EDT

Wednesday’s Datacolor Webinar will cover color management, and particularly soft proofing, using Photoshop CS6, plus the new soft proofing functions of Lightroom 4. Don’t miss this opportunity to get familiar with these new functions and how to use them, with David Saffir and myself. You can register for this webinar here. There will be aContinue reading “Datacolor Photoshop CS6 & Lightroom 4 Webinar, Wednesday May 16, at 3PM EDT”

RAW Formats and Converters – Part 4: Which Apps to Update?

Please read the First, Second, and Third articles of this Series. Our previous analysis has helped us understand the formats and conversions involved in RAW workflows. But it hasn’t come down to the questions that cost us the money: Which apps do we have to keep updated, for compatibility with new cameras, and other new apps? The simplest workflowContinue reading “RAW Formats and Converters – Part 4: Which Apps to Update?”

RAW Formats and Converters – Part 3: What Import Route?

Please read the First and Second articles of this Series Now that we have covered the basics on RAW and DNG formats, the next issue is one of the route you choose for getting your camera files into the applications you use. A future article will cover systems for processing your files into rendered TIF files forContinue reading “RAW Formats and Converters – Part 3: What Import Route?”

Another Appearance in Freshly Pressed

My first article to appear in the WordPress Freshly Pressed digital magazine occurred just a couple of days ago. And yesterday I found a second of my articles there, this time moved forward to page two. I won’t keep posting about Freshly Pressed publication, but I thought it worth mentioning this one more time, sinceContinue reading “Another Appearance in Freshly Pressed”