PhotoPlus Expo, Coming Right Up…

Later this week, the largest photo convention in the US will be happening at the Javits Convention Center in New York. But in even-numbered years, PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo is somewhat overshadowed by following on the heels of the world’s largest photo convention; Photokina, which takes place in Cologne, Germany in September of every second year. So the real question is: what is left for PhotoPlus, now that a long line of important new product announcements have just occurred at Photokina?

In a nutshell, PhotoPlus dines on the crumbs from Photokina. The same products that were announced at Photokina can now be seen and tested on US soil at PhotoPlus; and may well be easier to access now than at their initial announcement. Also, a few products that were not quite ready for announcement a month ago, or which are sufficiently US-centric that they were not announced in Germany, will be brand new here in NYC this week.

So don’t expect earthshaking news from PhotoPlus, but expect more in-depth commentary than was possible a month ago on some of the new products, and a more mature view of them. And keep in mind that a wealth of consumer electronics announcements and releases will be happening this week, outside of the photo industry. The Apple iPad Mini announcement for one, along with a possible 13″ Retina Display MacBook Pro. And the release of the Microsoft Surface RT tablet, as well as a Google-Samsung tablet event. A news-worthy week, all-round.

Those who choose to attend PhotoPlus in person should get a chance to see samples, demos, and in some cases hands-on opportunities, with a wide range of new (not to mention existing) photography products. They will also have the opportunity to attend numerous speaking sessions; both the fee-based sessions in the separate session rooms, and a range of free lectures and events on the show floor itself.

Included in those free sessions will be a series of lectures by David Saffir and myself at the Midwest Photo Exchange Stage at #1027 on the show floor, all three days of the event. David Cardinal will also have a speaking event on Oct 26, at 12:30, at the Event Space at B&H Photo, walking distance from the Javitts Convention Center. Datacolor’s David Miller will also make a rare appearance at the show. All four Davids (Cardinal, Saffir, Miller, and Tobie) will be at the Datacolor booth, #1239, at some points during the show; in fact, you are likely to find at least one of them in the booth at any given time, so just stop by… and ask for Dave.

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Photokina: Google Acquires NIK Software

This is not actually a Photokina announcement, but I expect it to be the talk of Photokina none the less: Google has acquired NIK software, author of many excellent image editing applications, including last year’s iPad of the year award winner Snapseed.

One could ponder what a company that does not offer professional photographic applications might want with NIK, but I suspect that Snapseed is the answer. Perhaps this acquisition can best seen as a countermove to Instagram‘s recent acquisition by Facebook.

Those of us devoted to NIK’s professional imaging apps may feel a bit of concern that Goggle’s laser-targetted plans may not include continued development of specialty tools for our specialty market.

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Photokina, Coming Right Up…

Photokina is the world’s largest photo event, happening in Cologne, Germany every two years. Photokina often brings a raft of new product releases and announcements, and the opportunity to get hands-on time with new cameras and other photography related equipment.

This year it could be argued that the biggest of the big new products have already arrived. Its true that Canon’s 5D Mark lll camera, Nikon’s D800, and a range of other key cameras have already been released. Adobe has already released Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4, Apple has already released Mountain Lion and the new iPad, and did not hold announcement of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 for Photokina, but announced them last week at their own event. Kodak bankruptcy and division sell-off notifications came and went without a show schedule.

So, in this instantaneous digital world, what releases and announcement might Photokina still hold in store for us? And what other value might the show have, beyond the neon lights of new product announcements?

Well, I can assure you that Datacolor will have new and interesting things to talk about at Photokina. Both in terms of products, and in the larger sense of the current direction of the imaging world, and more specifically digital imaging workflow.

So I will attempt to keep on top of any announcements at Photokina which relate to my particular area of expertise. But I will also try to find time to report on what areas of the digital workflow show attendees are most interested in this year, and what new processes they are dealing with, as well as what new products they have already purchased, or hope to, after the show. And I’ll try to find time for a bit of color as well; not the color management kind… the “local color” kind. Beer is likely to be involved…

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