PhoozL Interiors Photo Contest

This week’s PhoozL Photo Contest was on the topic “Interiors” and offered a wide array of interpretations of that theme. Here is an except from my Judge’s comments: “This was an interesting and varied group of images, making the judging process challenging. There were unique and challenging concepts of ‘interior’ and strong compositions telling interestingContinue reading “PhoozL Interiors Photo Contest”

PhoozL Architectural Detail Photo Contest

I recently judged a photo contest at the PhoozL photography site on the topic of Architectural Details. Here is an excerpt from my judges summary: “Amongst those that clearly fit the architectural detail category there were many interesting images, ranging from pure black-and-white with no grays, to blazing full color, and from macro-level closeups coveringContinue reading “PhoozL Architectural Detail Photo Contest”

PhoozL Architectural Night Photo Contest Results

I’ve just completed judging the PhoozL Photography Contest of the Week. This week’s theme was Architectural Night Photography. From my overview: “I was impressed by the quality of images submitted to the ‘Architecture Nights’ photo contest. Many were classic city skylines, with dramatic sunsets or colorful water reflections. A few stood out by offering uniqueContinue reading “PhoozL Architectural Night Photo Contest Results”

Live-Shooting Holiday Photo Contest at PhoozL

A new and different photo contest has just started at the PhoozL photography site. It is a live-shooting contest, where all images must be shot between Dec 8 and Jan2. There is an overarching theme of “Celebration” and 9 different categories including Silhouette, Street, Night Scene, and Still Life. Ideally each contestant will enter an imageContinue reading “Live-Shooting Holiday Photo Contest at PhoozL”

Latest PhoozL Photo Contest Results

I recently judged a photo contest on the PhoozL photography site as part of the Alphabet series, with the theme “T”. Here is an excerpt from my judges summary: “Lots of great images for this letter. Many of them had no conceivable connection to the theme ‘T’ however. The first judging criteria is that theyContinue reading “Latest PhoozL Photo Contest Results”

The Enigma of White in Photography

I recently judged a photo contest on the PhoozL photography site on the deceptively difficult theme “White”. Here is an excerpt from my judges summary: “Photography, in essence, is light, on forms, in space. An image may have a lot of white or near white in it, and yet not speak about white at all,Continue reading “The Enigma of White in Photography”