Chasing an Archetype

Archetypes are those essential elements that we keep going back to. We create variations, combinations, and reworks of them. They are what speaks to us, and our viewers, in many of our images. We hone them, until they speak more loudly, and more clearly, and make our voices heard.

This series of images is based on a “lone tree” archetype. That of a single oak tree, on a ridge, silhouetted against the sky, above the wheat field it is rooted in. The question is always whether the shots are really about the tree, or the wheat field. Returning time and again over the years to the same locations, one in Tuscany, one in Paso Robles, has produced this ongoing series of the same motif, in different seasons, on different continents.  First green, full green, mature golden wheat, rowed stubble, tilled earth. And the tree, in leaf, and bare branched. The sky, weaker or brighter blue with the season. You decide which shot comes closest to capturing the archetype; or whether the series is more important than the individual images.






C. David Tobie