Live-Shooting Holiday Photo Contest at PhoozL

A new and different photo contest has just started at the PhoozL photography site. It is a live-shooting contest, where all images must be shot between Dec 8 and Jan2. There is an overarching theme of “Celebration” and 9 different categories including Silhouette, Street, Night Scene, and Still Life. Ideally each contestant will enter an image for each theme; points will be deducted for any subjects not completed.

Sample Image for the theme "Red"

Sample Image for the Celebration theme “Red”

Harald and I put quite a bit of time into defining this contest, and we hope it proves a fun and educational challenge for those who participate. Sample images for each category can be seen here.  The contest overview page is located here. I am looking forward to seeing the images that participants capture, and to judging the final sets once the contest is compete.

Sample Image for the Celebration theme "Portrait"

Sample Image for the Celebration theme “Portrait”

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