Review and Sample Images: iOS Photography App “Rays”

Digital Film Tools iOS App “Rays” is currently available as a free download. But even at its usual price of ninety nine cents, its a bargain. Rays is one of those “one trick pony” Apps, that does one thing, but does it well. Its one trick is to add convincing rays of light to yourContinue reading “Review and Sample Images: iOS Photography App “Rays””

Book Review: Dan Burkholder’s iPhone Artistry

iPhone Artistry is a comprehensive guide to the iPhone as a photo tool, and at the same time an inspiration to aspiring iPhone photographers. Clearly organized, thoroughly researched, and well written, it succeeds in covering a wide range of both technical and aesthetic material in a manner that is engaging and educational. If you areContinue reading “Book Review: Dan Burkholder’s iPhone Artistry”

The PostPC Future of Photography

At Apple’s iPad 3 event Tim Cook referred multiple times to “the PostPC era” we are living in. So immediately I started rethinking that phrase, as it applies to photography. The simplest result is the title of this article. Another element of the same Apple event has already inspired an article from me on theContinue reading “The PostPC Future of Photography”

iPad3 Event Shakes Things Up with iPhoto for iOS

There have been too many new products this month to be able to decide which to write about. The list includes Lightroom 4, Photoshop Touch, the Nikon D800, the Canon 5D Mark III, and the new iPad 3, to name only a few. But in terms of impact on the photo community, iPhoto for iOSContinue reading “iPad3 Event Shakes Things Up with iPhoto for iOS”

Image Critique: Umbrellas on the Promenade

I should have realized, with the popularity of yesterday’s image critique, and of the “Umbrellas” iPhone image, that the result would be requests for a critique of that image as well. That seems only fair. Format Square and near square images are less dynamic then more elongated forms, and are best suited to single, centralContinue reading “Image Critique: Umbrellas on the Promenade”

Shooting, Processing, and Publishing Images on the iPhone

There are many different mobile photo workflows. Some involve images imported to the phone from other sources, and processed in mobile image editing apps. Other images are shot with the phone, then downloaded or emailed to a computer, where more powerful apps can be used to process them, and where printing is more straight forward.Continue reading “Shooting, Processing, and Publishing Images on the iPhone”

What will iPad 3 Mean to Photographers?

The announcement of the upcoming iPad 3 surprised no one; it would have been surprising if Apple hadn’t announced a new iPad, with a higher resolution screen and a more powerful processor. The question for the photo industry is: how will this impact photographers? Or more to the point: why should you get one? LetsContinue reading “What will iPad 3 Mean to Photographers?”

Ponderings on Phone Photography

As phone cameras, and phone image editing apps, improve the field of mobile phone photography is growing madly. I’m not talking about the photos people take of their friends at parties, or their families at events, or their new car when it first comes home, or even their dog or cat being cute. I meanContinue reading “Ponderings on Phone Photography”