Observations About the Upcoming MacPro

It’s Not Unexpected A week before the announcement of the new MacPro I had dinner with a videographer who was quite passionate about his need for a new MacPro, and what he needed it to contain. I warned him that the next generation would most likely not have a standard tower size or configuration, wouldContinue reading “Observations About the Upcoming MacPro”

Apple Announces Plans to Build Macs in the USA

Designed in California; Built in the USA? It has been all over the tech new sources today that Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple plans to build a line of Mac computers in the United States. This is welcome news. But it was not clear from reports just what type of Macs will beContinue reading “Apple Announces Plans to Build Macs in the USA”

The New Apple iMac May Be Your Next Imaging Workstation

The Allure of the iMac As the Apple iMac has evolved into a more attractive device, photographers and designers have been tempted by the increasingly alluring form factor, more powerful processors, and the larger, higher resolution screens. They have asked with each generation of new iMac if it was finally fit-to-purpose for serious image editingContinue reading “The New Apple iMac May Be Your Next Imaging Workstation”