The Retina Display iMac for Photographers, Part ll

Visual color assessment of the Retina iMac’s display shows it to be close to the target values, closer than many off-the-shelf displays. Its color and densities, out of the box, would be better for general consumer use than almost any other solution, short of top-end dedicated graphics displays. That’s great news for most users, but not quiteContinue reading “The Retina Display iMac for Photographers, Part ll”

Analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Screen’s Color Gamut

The illustration above shows the color gamut of the seven inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, compared to sRGB. This gamut looks quite familiar to anyone who has analyzed the gamut of laptop computers and tablets over the last few years. It can best be described as “small and twisted.” This refers to the fact thatContinue reading “Analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Screen’s Color Gamut”

Color Gamut of Retina Display MacBook Pro

When Apple announced the Retina display MacBook Pro, they made a number of claims about its improvements. Beyond the obvious improvement in resolution, these were a bit vague. I will be publishing an article on the reduced reflectivity of the screen later today. But first, I wanted to show the color gamut of the newContinue reading “Color Gamut of Retina Display MacBook Pro”

New iPad Color Article’s International Traffic

The article I published last Friday afternoon on the color gamut of the new iPad had received well over 5000 views by the finish of the weekend. One interesting statistic that can be derived from the Stats section of the WordPress system is what countries the blog’s page reads have been coming from. Take aContinue reading “New iPad Color Article’s International Traffic”