Found Symbol Photography

One of the more amusing types of photography is found symbols; objects that have, at least from one angle, a resemblance to some other object or symbol. Hearts are the most common example, including heart shaped rocks, heart shaped leaves, and even heart shaped wine spills. The most practical use for such images is as stock photos for graphic and web design.

The example below is amusing because of the contrast between the utilitarian object being photographed (an asphalt road), and the romantic symbol accidentally formed (a heart). The fact that the heart is not quite perfect gives credence to it being an actual tar spot, not an intentionally formed heart.  If the designer desires a more perfect heart, a bit of Photoshop work can provide that. For some design projects just such a contrast between object and symbol would be perfect. Keywording is important for images of this type, so that they can be found by appropriate searches in the stock photo library where they are placed. Keywords for this image could include: #BlackHeart, #HardHearted, #LoveTheHighway, #AsphaltHeart, and #HeartOfStone.

TarHeart-1C. David Tobie