Gear Organization – What’s Inside Your Camera Bag?

Why will we pay a small fortune for a camera bag, but nothing for the organizers we put inside it? Heads turn when I pull out a serious camera bag. But once I open it, the magic ends. I have random cases and pouches from companies ten years dead, and even an old electric shaverContinue reading “Gear Organization – What’s Inside Your Camera Bag?”

A Review of Gura Gear’s new Bataflae Camera Packs

Gura Gear’s Growing Reputation Gura Gear has rapidly developed a name and a following amongst serious photographers. So when a new flagship Gura Gear camera pack design was released at PhotoPlus Expo I took this opportunity to test the new Bataflae pack against my own needs. I will be focusing on the smaller of theContinue reading “A Review of Gura Gear’s new Bataflae Camera Packs”