Another Milestone for CDTobie’s Photo Blog: 100,000 Page Views

Its been a bit over six months since I started this blog. In the last week, with Photokina news, and with incoming traffic from such sites as ZDNet, Daring Fireball, DPReview, Luminous Landscape, Extreme Tech, NorthLight Images, and MacRumors (all of those just today, actually), I’ve watched the total page views of the blog creep up towards 100,000. Today is the day that the odometer rolled over, to borrow an automotive phrase.

I have very much enjoyed the interaction and connections that this blog has provided, and have settled down to a less frequent, but hopefully useful, schedule of posting, as my time is increasingly taken up by the Datacolor SpyderBLOG, book editing and translations, and other tasks. Thanks for being part of this blog, I hope to continue offering useful information, as the fields of photography and digital technology continue to grow and change.

Map of countries accessing CDTobie’s Photo Blog in it’s first six months.

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Died and Gone to Heaven

That’s right; kill me now… It doesn’t get any better than this. John Gruber linked to my Blog from Daring Fireball. That may not be quite like having Eric Clapton comment on one of my guitar riffs, but in the Mac Blogosphere, it’s as close as it gets. Thanks, John, for making my day.

Getting the Most out of Inkjet Printers with SpyderPrint


I have had a request for a piece detailing the value of Datacolor’s SpyderPrint for recent generations of graphics-grade inkjet printers. Please take a look at the resulting article on Datacolor’s SpyderBlog, if you print your own work.

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Image Editing under iOS; New Options Make it More Powerful

I had a request to write an article about iPhoto for iOS for the Datacolor SpyderBlog. But the appropriate context for that was to compare it to Adobe’s new iOS image editing app, and the app from NIK that was the leader before the big guns moved in. Here is a link to the article detailing the pros and cons of all three apps.

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Color My World: A Quick Review of the First Four Months of this Blog

  • Its been a bit over four months since I started this blog, and I felt I should do a short review, before disappearing to Italy for a couple of weeks of photography, and the occasional workshop. Readership has been increasing; in that wobbly way that web stats move. And I keep hitting a new “most views” day every so often, typically in response to a key article on a new device and its color capabilities. First my analysis of the New iPad, then of the Canon 5D Mark lll, and most recently the Retina MacBook Pro.

Breadth of readership has been increasing as well. Whether that is because more people around the globe have had a chance to become familiar with my work, or because there is something innately more international about the Retina MBP is yet to be seen. But the recent day when a new record of over 4300 page views was reached was the beginning of a new era, where the US is not always my top readership country (at least not early in the day, when the Eastern Hemisphere has had a lot longer to be up and reading…).

The map of countries from which my blog has been accessed was long ago flushed out; at this point all that remains is for one or another of the remaining countries in Latin  America, Africa, or the depths of Asia to finally score a hit. Perhaps summer travel will fill in one or two  more of these. I’ll include a copy of the readership map below, though it doesn’t show much that the sentence above doesn’t cover, except for the visual aspect.

Its very gratifying to see the blog extend its reach and readership, and to watch the total page views roll past 60,000, and now 65,000. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues over the remainder of the first year, as WordPress assures me it will do. And it is interesting to see more and more sites in other languages linking to my English-only blog, and viewers coming to visit from them, even when they need to translate the page.

Thanks to all of you who have read my writings (and occasional ramblings), and especially to those who have subscribed through WordPress, through e-mail, and through Twitter, to receive announcements of each new blog post. And thanks to those who have commented, even those whose comments, on reflection, I have chosen not to publish. All input is information, even when the final decision is that its not sufficiently pertinent to append to the post. And thanks to all my associates in the industry who have commented, mostly privately, about the blog and web authoring in general.

CDTobie’s Photo Blog readership reach

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Datacolor Spyder Blog Goes Live

Datacolor’s long awaited Photography and Digital Imaging Blog has finally gone live. There are great photography and color management articles by a number of Datacolor’s world-class Friends with Vision, as well as some of my own work. Thanks to everyone involved in this effort!


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New iPad Color Article’s International Traffic

Most Frequent Visitors by Country

The article I published last Friday afternoon on the color gamut of the new iPad had received well over 5000 views by the finish of the weekend. One interesting statistic that can be derived from the Stats section of the WordPress system is what countries the blog’s page reads have been coming from. Take a look at the top sixteen countries noted for this blog, and see if the list looks at all familiar.

The ten countries where the new iPad was released on Friday were: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Japan, France, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. A quick look at the list above shows that those who live in, or near, the initial release countries have been the most frequent visitors to the site, and to the articles on iPad color. There are five European countries and one Asian country within this section of the list where the iPad is not yet launched; however all of those, except Korea and Finland, abut a country where the iPad has been released.  And, with the possible exception of Finland, I would expect the second release of the new iPad will cover all of these countries.

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