Latest List of Cameras Offering Auto-Focus Micro-Adjustment

Here’s an update to the list of cameras which offer auto-focus micro-adjustment functions. One reason this is important is the ability to adjust these cameras using auto-focus targets such as Datacolor’s SpyderLensCal. The latest Canon models actually allow calibration at both ends of the zoom range of zoom lenses. Keep in mind that a toolContinue reading “Latest List of Cameras Offering Auto-Focus Micro-Adjustment”

More Cameras Offering Auto-Focus Micro Adjustment

Its taking time, but an increasing number of cameras are  now offering the capability of adjusting auto-focus in the camera’s menu. This is very useful to users who depend on auto-focus. And a number of these cameras allow you to set corrections on a per-lens basis, so that each lens is individually adjusted. I nowContinue reading “More Cameras Offering Auto-Focus Micro Adjustment”