Mountain Lion, Gatekeeper, and Photography Applications

Mountain Lion Apple’s new OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) operating system for the Mac offers a range of new features, and more parity with iOS, meaning that those of us who switch between iPhones, iPads, and Macs all day long will find fewer differences. This will not be a review of all thats new inContinue reading “Mountain Lion, Gatekeeper, and Photography Applications”

Micro-adjustment of Screen Brightness with Mac 10.7.4

As of Mac OS X 10.7.4, it is now possible to make finer adjustments to screen brightness on Apple displays, allowing more precise targeting of your display luminance. To use this new feature with Spyder4Elite, just hold down the Shift and Option keys while pressing the brightness up (large sun) or brightness down (small sun)Continue reading “Micro-adjustment of Screen Brightness with Mac 10.7.4”

ZDNet picks up CDTobie’s Photo Blog on Retina Display MBP

ZDNet, a major tech publisher, picked up this blog’s recent series of articles on the Retina display MacBook Pro, and published an article of their own consisting of quotes from my series, with short comments by the ZDNet’s writer David Morgenstern. This is a common ZD practice that follows copyright rules of fair usage. SoContinue reading “ZDNet picks up CDTobie’s Photo Blog on Retina Display MBP”

Analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Screen’s Color Gamut

The illustration above shows the color gamut of the seven inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, compared to sRGB. This gamut looks quite familiar to anyone who has analyzed the gamut of laptop computers and tablets over the last few years. It can best be described as “small and twisted.” This refers to the fact thatContinue reading “Analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Screen’s Color Gamut”

Top Search Terms Today; In a Nutshell: Retina Display Capabilities

In reviewing the incoming search terms on my blog site today, there is a very clear theme, as the first several term sets show. Do you see a theme developing here? Clearly there are a lot of people looking for information about the gamut and Photoshop compatibility of the new Retina display MacBook Pro… Credits:Continue reading “Top Search Terms Today; In a Nutshell: Retina Display Capabilities”

Retina Display MacBook Pro for Calibration and Photography

I have been asked to put together an overview of my observations on the Retina Display MacBook Pro, as related to photography, and specifically to display calibration. The material below draws on my previous analysis, plus further information about calibration of the Retina display. Resolution The Retina resolution of the new display is certainly itsContinue reading “Retina Display MacBook Pro for Calibration and Photography”

Photoshop CS6 on Retina Display MacBook Pro

When Apple announced the Retina display MacBook Pro, one of the applications which they demonstrated with it was Photoshop. But not a release version of Photoshop. The current release version of CS6 opens images at the same size, and the same resolution, as on a non-Retina display MBP. In comparison, Apple’s own Preview app opensContinue reading “Photoshop CS6 on Retina Display MacBook Pro”

The New Platform Wars

I’m going to start with the punchline, before I retrace the backstory that leads to it: Facebook sells us Facebook, Microsoft sells us Windows, Apple sells us Widgets, and Google sells us. Back in the day, Microsoft was so powerful, that their solution to the threat of the Internet, was to try to beat itContinue reading “The New Platform Wars”

Events that will Speed Apple’s Migration to Solid State Drives

A number of largely unrelated events will have the combined effect of moving Apple onto an even faster track in adopting solid state drives instead of spinning hard drives in their devices. The first and foremost of these is the floods in Thailand which damages a significant portion of the world’s hard drive manufacturing facilities.Continue reading “Events that will Speed Apple’s Migration to Solid State Drives”

What will iPad 3 Mean to Photographers?

The announcement of the upcoming iPad 3 surprised no one; it would have been surprising if Apple hadn’t announced a new iPad, with a higher resolution screen and a more powerful processor. The question for the photo industry is: how will this impact photographers? Or more to the point: why should you get one? LetsContinue reading “What will iPad 3 Mean to Photographers?”