Black and White for Delayed Recognition

Some images are just too easy. If the subject matter is instantly apparent to the viewer, then techniques to make the image more interesting should be considered. Black and white is one such choice. It strips away color recognition, and forces the viewer to recognize the subject matter by form and texture. In the image below, the puzzle of the cracked, curving walkways is extended by not having green grass be instantly recognizable. Those few extra seconds are valuable in an advertisement or other “eye catcher” use. Including both a color, and a black and white version of such an image in your stock image library will give designers the option to have the more lyrical effect of the curves against the green grass, or the more eye capturing effect of the black and white version.


C. David Tobie


Light on Forms in Space

Light on forms in space is a standard definition of what photography captures. But it is also a description of a type of image that transcends standard content, and where the two dimensional graphic elements of the image are strong enough to compete with the three dimensional representational aspects of the image. The result can create a dynamic interaction between the abstract and the representational elements of the image. It can also lead to a type of visual puzzle, drawing the viewer into the image in an attempt to identify its content. More images from this series can be seen here.

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