iPhone 7/7+ Raw Capabilities

While the internet is flooded with negative articles about the iPhone 7 series and how little new they have to offer (a great way to get clicks, whether you have anything meaningful to say or not), there are, in fact, a number of very interesting new features, especially in the 7+. I will wait toContinue reading “iPhone 7/7+ Raw Capabilities”

Mac Edition Radio Interview with C. David Tobie & David Saffir

Harris Fogel  caught up with David Saffir and myself at PhotoPlus Expo, and spent an evening discussing color management, as it relates to photography, mobile, and video. Here’s a MacEditionRadio.com audio interview that captures some of that conversation. Thanks, Harris, for an interesting evening, and a very professional interview! Credits: C. David Tobie, Copyright 2013.Continue reading “Mac Edition Radio Interview with C. David Tobie & David Saffir”

Time Lapse Photography – Give It a Shot for Free

Time lapse photography consists of a series of still images, taken at intervals, which can be played back as a fast-motion video. Timelapses can be taken with a wide range of cameras, and don’t necessarily require much special equipment. This article will serve as an intro to the basics of low-cost time lapse. Can IContinue reading “Time Lapse Photography – Give It a Shot for Free”

Color Analysis of the iPad Mini and Retina iPad Mini

Note: I am republishing this article, as it pertains equally to the new Retina Display iPad Mini, which shares similar screen color with the non-Retina version. Characteristics of the Fourth Generation iPad with Retina Display There are not too many surprises with the fourth generation full size iPad (wouldn’t it be great if Apple gave these productsContinue reading “Color Analysis of the iPad Mini and Retina iPad Mini”

SpyderGallery: Now Supports Android Phones & Tablets

For more than a year, Datacolor has been saying that SpyderGallery for Android was under development, to provide display color calibration to Android, as well as iOS. Now it has finally been released, and is available for free from the Google Play Store. But what took so long?  Variety is the Spice of Android ItContinue reading “SpyderGallery: Now Supports Android Phones & Tablets”

Adobe Angst and the Creative Cloud

The saying is that you can’t stop progress. And yet we aren’t always happy about it. Many of us live in towns or neighborhoods which once were quite self sufficient, with services from barbers and hairdressers to hardware and grocery stores. Now most of us have to travel miles to reach larger, more impersonal, alternativesContinue reading “Adobe Angst and the Creative Cloud”

FocusTwist: Focus-Controllable Images with the iPhone

When you think of controlling the focus of images after the fact, you probably think of the Lytro camera; a clever little device (one is tempted to say prototype) that shows us one way of gaining different info from a shot, instead of spending all our pixels on increased resolution. But now there is anContinue reading “FocusTwist: Focus-Controllable Images with the iPhone”

C David Tobie Presents at Stanford University’s SCIEN Coloquia Lecture Series

David Cardinal recently wrote an article on my presentation at Stanford University for the Datacolor SpyderBLOG. For those of you interested in color management, it covers some of the issues I addressed in that lecture. Click HERE to view the article. Photo Credit: David Cardinal, Copyright 2013. Website: CDTobie.com Return to Blog’s Main Page

WEBINAR: Artistic Techniques in Phone Photography, Today 3PM EST

This webinar will be a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of phone cameras, and ways to utilize them effectively, including add-on lenses and editing applications. This webinar is sponsored by Datacolor . David Saffir and I will be discussing a range of sample images, chosen for their value in illustrating phone photography methods andContinue reading “WEBINAR: Artistic Techniques in Phone Photography, Today 3PM EST”

iPhone and Android Get Photoshop Touch Versions

Last year’s release of Photoshop Touch for the iPad brought iOS image editing to a new level. However, the camera in recent iPhone models are superior to those in the iPad, and iPhones are the tools most commonly in-hand for photography. So, lacking a phone version of Photoshop Touch meant being marginalized as a mobileContinue reading “iPhone and Android Get Photoshop Touch Versions”