The Tables have Turned, and now David Saffir Needs Your Assistance

We are writing this note for distribution to all the places where David Saffir has generously provided his expertise and wisdom over the years; please distribute as appropriate. Many of you will recognize David’s name. Some from the excellent book he contributed to our Mastering Digital Series, named Mastering Digital Color. It still sits onContinue reading “The Tables have Turned, and now David Saffir Needs Your Assistance”

Mac Edition Radio Interview with C. David Tobie & David Saffir

Harris Fogel  caught up with David Saffir and myself at PhotoPlus Expo, and spent an evening discussing color management, as it relates to photography, mobile, and video. Here’s a audio interview that captures some of that conversation. Thanks, Harris, for an interesting evening, and a very professional interview! Credits: C. David Tobie, Copyright 2013.Continue reading “Mac Edition Radio Interview with C. David Tobie & David Saffir”

Time Lapse Photography – Give It a Shot for Free

Time lapse photography consists of a series of still images, taken at intervals, which can be played back as a fast-motion video. Timelapses can be taken with a wide range of cameras, and don’t necessarily require much special equipment. This article will serve as an intro to the basics of low-cost time lapse. Can IContinue reading “Time Lapse Photography – Give It a Shot for Free”

Color Analysis of the iPad Mini and Retina iPad Mini

Note: I am republishing this article, as it pertains equally to the new Retina Display iPad Mini, which shares similar screen color with the non-Retina version. Characteristics of the Fourth Generation iPad with Retina Display There are not too many surprises with the fourth generation full size iPad (wouldn’t it be great if Apple gave these productsContinue reading “Color Analysis of the iPad Mini and Retina iPad Mini”

Spyder Photo & Video Products Win International Press Association’s Best-In-Show Award at PPE

Datacolor won a Best In Show award for the Spyder line of products for Photo and Video from the International Press Association‘s IMPress Magazine, shot at Photo Plus Expo in New York City last week. Below is a link to the video interviews IMPress shot with me at the Datacolor Photo Plus Expo booth. Click HereContinue reading “Spyder Photo & Video Products Win International Press Association’s Best-In-Show Award at PPE”

SpyderGallery: Now Supports Android Phones & Tablets

For more than a year, Datacolor has been saying that SpyderGallery for Android was under development, to provide display color calibration to Android, as well as iOS. Now it has finally been released, and is available for free from the Google Play Store. But what took so long?  Variety is the Spice of Android ItContinue reading “SpyderGallery: Now Supports Android Phones & Tablets”

Adobe Angst and the Creative Cloud

The saying is that you can’t stop progress. And yet we aren’t always happy about it. Many of us live in towns or neighborhoods which once were quite self sufficient, with services from barbers and hairdressers to hardware and grocery stores. Now most of us have to travel miles to reach larger, more impersonal, alternativesContinue reading “Adobe Angst and the Creative Cloud”

Review: Acorn, Intermediate Image Editing for the Mac

What is Acorn? Acorn is a basic image editing application for the Mac from Its standard price is $49.99US, but it is specially priced at $29.99 US during the month of May 2013. It can be purchased from the developer, or from the Mac App store; with all the usual advantages and disadvantages of each method.Continue reading “Review: Acorn, Intermediate Image Editing for the Mac”

Adobe Lightroom 5 Beta for Datacolor Users

This week Adobe released a beta version of Lightroom 5. Here is my initial report on what Lightroom 5 Beta means for those using Datacolor products: SpyderPrint Lightroom, while it has added many printing conveniences over the years, has always lacked certain desirable functions for color managed printing. Black Point Compensation is always on when printingContinue reading “Adobe Lightroom 5 Beta for Datacolor Users”

WEBINAR: Exploring Architectural Photography, Today 3PM EDT

This webinar will be an unscripted discussion of the concepts and techniques used in architectural photography, sponsored by Datacolor. David Saffir and I will be discussing a range of sample images, chosen for their value in illustrating architectural concepts and the techniques used to shoot them. Please join us for what we hope will beContinue reading “WEBINAR: Exploring Architectural Photography, Today 3PM EDT”