Adjusting for Low Quality Lightsources

Gymnasiums, Conference Centers, Covered Markets, they often have one thing in common: they are frequently lit by very efficient, but very unpleasant lighting, such as sodium vapor lamps. This results in images which often have a terrible color cast. But trying to adjust for it with standard color adjustments is not the best solution.

Instead, it is ideal to use a color temperature adjustment in an application such as Adobe Lightroom to correct such images. The shot above was taken in RAW mode, and the camera’s approximation of the correct white point was 4750K, which is the color of sunlight. Clearly the lighting in this covered marketplace in Barcelona was far from daylight corrected, resulting in this extreme color cast. A single adjustment to the color temperature slider, to a final value of 2650k was all that was needed to solve this issue, and produce results as shown below.

C. David Tobie

Published by cdtobie

This blog covers a range of issues of interest to photographers and those involved in the digital photographic workflow, digital tools and platforms, and fine art output.

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