Layered Images, Poetic Imagery

The goal for writing prose is to produce a single, clear, meaning. With poetry, on the other hand, multiple layers of meaning, often only perceived over time, are the intent. Photo journalism can be related to prose; fine art photography, to poetry. One way to add layers to a shot, and extend the possible meanings of the resulting image, is through reflections.


The image above was shot on the street in London, through a curved corner window, further enhancing the range of reflected imagery superimposed on the main image. The very feminine content and colors of the Valentine’s window decor inside contracts nicely to the very stark architecture and armored car clearly seen in the reflection. This imitates the type of interior/exterior, day/night, public/private nature of adjacent scenes in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette. Keep this technique in mind, if you would like to be able to relate your work to that of The Bard.

C. David Tobie


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