The Search for Balance, Not Symmetry

The easy thing to do, especially when confronted with a shot of a symmetrical piece of architecture, is to shoot a symmetrical image. And in many cases that will create the strongest image. Not necessarily the most compelling one, however. It is often more inviting to include a wing, a tree, or some other element so that the image becomes balanced, but not rigidly symmetrical.

In this image, that concept has been brought down to a smaller scale. The obvious choice would have been to include the entire entry canopy. And yet, the image is also about the two doormen chatting, as they hold the door. So the balanced solution was to include the entire store name, but to crop evenly around the name, the top and far edge of the canopy, and below the doormen’s feet, producing a balance between the canopy, and the doormen in the composition. This allows the viewer’s attention to focus more naturally on the doormen.

C. David Tobie

Published by cdtobie

This blog covers a range of issues of interest to photographers and those involved in the digital photographic workflow, digital tools and platforms, and fine art output.

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