Landscape as Fine Art Nude

Whenever I see the work of a great fine art nude photographer, I find myself viewing the images much as I do landscapes: as light, on forms, in space. And when I find myself in the rolling wheat fields of Washington’s Palouse or Tuscany, the similarity strikes  me yet again. One does not get to move the lights, or ask the model to shift positions, when shooting landscape, so it becomes a waiting game, and, like real estate, is all about location, location, location.


The shot above is a Tuscan winter wheat field. The similarities to the human form are clear, despite the differing scale and color. Shooting wheat fields later in the season brings the colors closer to fleshtones. The image below is less abstract, so the viewer is less likely to notice the similarity to the human form, but the goals in shooting it were similar. By including recognizable elements, the image tells a more developed story, but in the process, loses some of the power of the more abstract image above.


C. David Tobie


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