Creative Keywording

We all become jaded as we type keywords into our thousands of images. How creative to you need to be, to make sure you can find a given image later? But that is not the only value of keywords. They are also important when images are searched for under unique categories, be it in our own image libraries, or on a stock photo site.


The example above could be comfortably keyword with terms like: landscape, sunrise, and Tuscany. But it would improve the likelihood of the image getting used if it was also listed under terms like cover photo; referring to it being in portrait orientation, and having lots of blank space for a magazine title and other text. However, keywording with concepts brings the biggest value. For this image, those concepts would be related to the way the round tree and the pointy tree seem to be holding hands and enjoying the sunrise. Such terms could include: inclusiveness, harmony, racial harmony, diversity, gender, and peace. Graphic designers looking for unique expressions of those difficult concepts would be thrilled to have photographers doing the heavy lifting for them by keywording their images to show their relation to such concepts.

C. David Tobie


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