Chasing the High Contrast Image

High contrast images are found not made. That is to say, the best of them are not high contrast due to heavy handed image editing, but rather because the content was high contrast when shot. While Ansel Adam’s Zone System may insist that we need components in our images at each of the ten zonesContinue reading “Chasing the High Contrast Image”

Creating Puzzles to Capture the Eye

One way of drawing the viewer into an image is to have a puzzle, or a fill-in-the-blank, that requires solving. This is particularly effective at stopping the eye when used in advertisements or other locations where there is competition and capturing the viewer’s interest is important. The image below contains a bit of British architecture,Continue reading “Creating Puzzles to Capture the Eye”

In Search of Artful Motion Blur

At times, we all shoot with settings too slow for the lighting and motion of our images. And, at times, we find a few of the resulting images to be artistically pleasing. The question that arises from this is: how best to improve the likelihood of getting a pleasing shot, from a somewhat random process?Continue reading “In Search of Artful Motion Blur”

Utilizing Unique Backgrounds

We shoot many of the same subjects time after time. So it can be important to keep an eye out for instances where the background creates a unique settings or contrast to the subject. Sometimes a black backdrop is available, from the right angle. In others a distant backdrop unfocussed with a shallow depth ofContinue reading “Utilizing Unique Backgrounds”

Fog; the Photographer’s Friend

Water in any form makes image more interesting, even if it makes the process of shooting them less comfortable. But fog is the king of image effects, and locations offering fog should be worked for the best time and effects. The first image below uses the depth of vision limitation of fog very effectively toContinue reading “Fog; the Photographer’s Friend”

Creative Focus for Unique Images

We tend to shoot for a standard type of focus. This may be very shallow if we shoot fashion and glamour, or very deep if we shoot landscape and architecture, or very automatic, if we use automatic settings. Shaking things up a bit with a different choice of focal planes can make an image thoughtContinue reading “Creative Focus for Unique Images”

Isolating Content Through Vertical Perspective

We don’t just see the same old things most of the time, we see them from the same old angle: horizontally, from eye level. Sometimes all that is needed to provide a new perspective is… err… a new perspective. A marching band may not be a daily experience, but many of us have shot enough paradesContinue reading “Isolating Content Through Vertical Perspective”

Watching for Still Lifes in the Landscape

Its all too easy to be watching for the big, panoramic vistas when scouting for landscape photography locations. With your eye on the horizon, and judging when the foreground elements come into just the right balance for the shot, the items closer up can often be missed. And yet, people are at least as compelledContinue reading “Watching for Still Lifes in the Landscape”