PhoozL Interiors Photo Contest

This week’s PhoozL Photo Contest was on the topic “Interiors” and offered a wide array of interpretations of that theme. Here is an except from my Judge’s comments:

“This was an interesting and varied group of images, making the judging process challenging. There were unique and challenging concepts of ‘interior’ and strong compositions telling interesting stories. I had never, for example, considered the inside of automobiles as interiors, as a number of participants did.”

“The primary contest description from me was: ‘Interiors: Light, on Forms, In Space; in a manner that defines an interior.’ And those were the key criteria for judging the contest. Let’s take a look at the winners I’ve picked through that lens, as well as a few other filters that I explain with each selection.”

Here is the link on Phoozl to read more, to see the winners, and to read the critiques of them. Thanks to Harald Johnson for inviting me to participate in this PhoozL event.

Credits: C. David Tobie, Copyright 2013.   Website:   Return to Blog’s Main Page

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One thought on “PhoozL Interiors Photo Contest

  1. Again I have to thank David for his judging of this photo contest. HIs photographic insights are well appreciated by all. In fact, one comment from a winner sums it up: “Thanks so much, C. David Tobie, for this pick and for your comments — in themselves, a prize.” Indeed.
    — Harald Johnson, PhoozL

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