PhoozL Architectural Night Photo Contest Results

I’ve just completed judging the PhoozL Photography Contest of the Week. This week’s theme was Architectural Night Photography. From my overview: “I was impressed by the quality of images submitted to the ‘Architecture Nights’ photo contest. Many were classic city skylines, with dramatic sunsets or colorful water reflections. A few stood out by offering uniqueContinue reading “PhoozL Architectural Night Photo Contest Results”

Magic Lantern: High Quality RAW Recording with Canon 5D Mark lll

What is Magic Lantern? Magic Lantern is an Open Source project that was created to provide extended features and more user control to the Canon 5D Mark ll camera, specifically for videography purposes. The project has since been extended (no surprise) to the 5D Mark lll camera as well, and offers some advantages even forContinue reading “Magic Lantern: High Quality RAW Recording with Canon 5D Mark lll”

Adobe Angst and the Creative Cloud

The saying is that you can’t stop progress. And yet we aren’t always happy about it. Many of us live in towns or neighborhoods which once were quite self sufficient, with services from barbers and hairdressers to hardware and grocery stores. Now most of us have to travel miles to reach larger, more impersonal, alternativesContinue reading “Adobe Angst and the Creative Cloud”

Review: Acorn, Intermediate Image Editing for the Mac

What is Acorn? Acorn is a basic image editing application for the Mac from Its standard price is $49.99US, but it is specially priced at $29.99 US during the month of May 2013. It can be purchased from the developer, or from the Mac App store; with all the usual advantages and disadvantages of each method.Continue reading “Review: Acorn, Intermediate Image Editing for the Mac”