FocusTwist: Focus-Controllable Images with the iPhone

When you think of controlling the focus of images after the fact, you probably think of the Lytro camera; a clever little device (one is tempted to say prototype) that shows us one way of gaining different info from a shot, instead of spending all our pixels on increased resolution. But now there is anContinue reading “FocusTwist: Focus-Controllable Images with the iPhone”

Adobe Lightroom 5 Beta for Datacolor Users

This week Adobe released a beta version of Lightroom 5. Here is my initial report on what Lightroom 5 Beta means for those using Datacolor products: SpyderPrint Lightroom, while it has added many printing conveniences over the years, has always lacked certain desirable functions for color managed printing. Black Point Compensation is always on when printingContinue reading “Adobe Lightroom 5 Beta for Datacolor Users”

Using SpyderLensCal for Video Focus Control

Datacolor’s SpyderCheckr is used to check the auto-focus on still cameras, and to micro-adjust the auto-focus on cameras with micro-adjustment controls in their in-camera menu. However, there are other uses for LensCal. This article describes how to use it to assist with focus setting in video, TV, and cinema capture workflows. Videography is based onContinue reading “Using SpyderLensCal for Video Focus Control”

WEBINAR: Exploring Architectural Photography, Today 3PM EDT

This webinar will be an unscripted discussion of the concepts and techniques used in architectural photography, sponsored by Datacolor. David Saffir and I will be discussing a range of sample images, chosen for their value in illustrating architectural concepts and the techniques used to shoot them. Please join us for what we hope will beContinue reading “WEBINAR: Exploring Architectural Photography, Today 3PM EDT”