CDTobie: Updated List of Speaking Events

For an updated list of my winter speaking events please see the home page of my photography website:

This list is not yet final, and I suspect more events will be added, especially for the month of February, but this covers all my current commitments from now until April. I will attempt to fill in actual session data next week for those items that don’t have links to it yet.

Hope to see many of you at one or another of these events this winter.


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2 thoughts on “CDTobie: Updated List of Speaking Events

    1. Yes, exact dates would be helpful. But typically, by the time I get a specific date, the event is listed on the schedule as well. And the event schedule has other useful info, like time and place, and stands a much better chance of being updated when these items change. So I just list the months, and event schedule, so if someone is planning to attend, say, WPPI, they will know that I will be there. If they want to hear me speak at the event, they can click on the link, and find me in the event schedule. An imperfect, but simple, system for me to post…

      What I should start doing is putting speaking info on my blog, which I can update from a mobile device, a day or so before each event. My website still requires updating from my office computer, at this point. And I may not get there for weeks at a stretch.

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