WEBINAR: Video & Color for Photographers, Tuesday Nov 20, 3PM – 4PM EST

On Tuesday, Nov 20, I will be presenting an introductory webinar on Videography and Color Management for Video, intended for photographers who are considering moving into motion shooting. David Saffir will co-host this webinar, sponsored by Datacolor, as part of the Datacolor webinar series which David and I have been hosting this year.

You can read more about this webinar and register here.

There will be a Datacolor Spyder4Pro given away to a participant at this webinar, and there are likely to be some excellent specials offered as well. Sign up soon to reserve your space; these webinars have been increasingly popular and there is a risk of this one filling up.

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This blog covers a range of issues of interest to photographers and those involved in the digital photographic workflow, digital tools and platforms, and fine art output.

One thought on “WEBINAR: Video & Color for Photographers, Tuesday Nov 20, 3PM – 4PM EST

  1. The webinar went very well, despite technical challenges. The group was well mixed between those with an interest in video, those dabbling in it, and those with video equipment and software. And some prominent attendees, who I won’t call out by name, it doesn’t seem fair. If there is anyone who attended who would like to leave a note about how it was for you, I would appreciate the feedback.

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