Zenfolio Interview with CDTobie

I was interviewed by the Zenfolio Blog team recently, on the topic of color management, as it affects their customers. This has mostly to do with the concepts of display calibration, ambient light control, and creating and using printer profiles. Here’s an excerpt: “When two monitor displays are properly calibrated, shouldn’t they be exactly theContinue reading “Zenfolio Interview with CDTobie”

WEBINAR: Holiday Stocking Stuffers, Wed Nov 28 3-4 EST

Please join David Saffir and myself for a fireside chat about those gifts we feel would most please photographers this holiday season. As the Stocking Stuffer title implies, we will try to focus on more affordable items, but this is photography, so you just KNOW that we’ll sneak in some of the more expensive spread…Continue reading “WEBINAR: Holiday Stocking Stuffers, Wed Nov 28 3-4 EST”

The Enigma of White in Photography

I recently judged a photo contest on the PhoozL photography site on the deceptively difficult theme “White”. Here is an excerpt from my judges summary: “Photography, in essence, is light, on forms, in space. An image may have a lot of white or near white in it, and yet not speak about white at all,Continue reading “The Enigma of White in Photography”

WEBINAR: Video & Color for Photographers, Tuesday Nov 20, 3PM – 4PM EST

On Tuesday, Nov 20, I will be presenting an introductory webinar on Videography and Color Management for Video, intended for photographers who are considering moving into motion shooting. David Saffir will co-host this webinar, sponsored by Datacolor, as part of the Datacolor webinar series which David and I have been hosting this year. You canContinue reading “WEBINAR: Video & Color for Photographers, Tuesday Nov 20, 3PM – 4PM EST”

Dedicated Cinema Lenses and Your DSLR

Cinema Lenses; What’s the Big Deal? Standard DSLR lenses of the type you already own for your DSLR cameras work quite well for shooting video, both with DSLR bodies, and with the next step up: Cinema cameras such as those from Black Magic and Camera Red, if the lens mounts are compatible. However there areContinue reading “Dedicated Cinema Lenses and Your DSLR”

Some Thoughts on Soliciting Uncompensated Photography

I was recently involved in an interaction on a photography list where the CEO of a non-profit posted a note  asking for images, and full usage rights of those images, for free. This is becoming a more and more common technique for searching for photographic content. Professional photographers, and particularly photojournalists are being progressively replacedContinue reading “Some Thoughts on Soliciting Uncompensated Photography”

Color Analysis of the iPad mini

Note: I am republishing this article, as it pertains equally to the new Retina Display iPad Mini, which shares similar screen color with the non-Retina version. Characteristics of the Fourth Generation iPad with Retina Display There are not too many surprises with the fourth generation full size iPad (wouldn’t it be great if Apple gave these productsContinue reading “Color Analysis of the iPad mini”

Creating Custom Folios for Self-Promotion & Presentation

Here is an excellent article by my associate David Saffir, originally published in Photo Technique magazine, that will be of interest to photographers, and others in need of promotional images. It offers a rather unique solution for presentation portfolios. Bigger isn’t always better, and digital isn’t the only solution. This system creates lovely little portfoliosContinue reading “Creating Custom Folios for Self-Promotion & Presentation”