A Review of Gura Gear’s new Bataflae Camera Packs

Gura Gear’s Growing Reputation Gura Gear has rapidly developed a name and a following amongst serious photographers. So when a new flagship Gura Gear camera pack design was released at PhotoPlus Expo I took this opportunity to test the new Bataflae pack against my own needs. I will be focusing on the smaller of theContinue reading “A Review of Gura Gear’s new Bataflae Camera Packs”

The New Apple iMac May Be Your Next Imaging Workstation

The Allure of the iMac As the Apple iMac has evolved into a more attractive device, photographers and designers have been tempted by the increasingly alluring form factor, more powerful processors, and the larger, higher resolution screens. They have asked with each generation of new iMac if it was finally fit-to-purpose for serious image editingContinue reading “The New Apple iMac May Be Your Next Imaging Workstation”

PhotoPlus Expo, Coming Right Up…

Later this week, the largest photo convention in the US will be happening at the Javits Convention Center in New York. But in even-numbered years, PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo is somewhat overshadowed by following on the heels of the world’s largest photo convention; Photokina, which takes place in Cologne, Germany in September of every second year.Continue reading “PhotoPlus Expo, Coming Right Up…”

Datacolor Experts to Speak at PhotoPlus Expo-NYC

Come to PhotoPlus Expo in New York City, October 25-27 (complementary show passes from Datacolor are available here)  and see presentations by David Saffir and myself. We will be speaking at the Midwest Photo Exchange Stage. Here is the preliminary schedule for the speaking events: Thursday 10/25 11:30:  David Saffir- Screen to Print Match forContinue reading “Datacolor Experts to Speak at PhotoPlus Expo-NYC”

The Changing Role of Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop: once the be-all and end-all of digital imaging; but no longer. There have always been Photoshop competitors, but none ever had the feature set, or the market reach, to seriously compete with Adobe’s flagship image editing application. But what competition alone could not alter, is changing over time, with other shifts in the industry.Continue reading “The Changing Role of Adobe Photoshop”

Tutorial: Editing Fall Foliage Photos

At the peak of fall foliage season the colors can reach fluorescent levels, by borrowing light from outside the visible spectrum and reemitting it in the red through yellow zones. Because of this, foliage photography requires careful editing to produce the type of image our eye recalls seeing. All too often people make the wrongContinue reading “Tutorial: Editing Fall Foliage Photos”

Datacolor Spyder4 Nominated for MacUser Creative Hardware of the Year Award

Datacolor’s Spyder4 has been nominated for a MacUser Award in the “Creative Hardware of the Year” Category. Take a look at the full list of nominees in all categories at: http://awards.macuser.co.uk/winners/

Open Sans: A Professional Quality Free Font

Font Geeks tend to put all fonts in one of two categories: Free, or Good. The good ones cost money, though the rates vary. The free ones tend to be garishly over-decorative, or just rip-offs of well designed fonts. But these look-alike versions tend to not have the extended character sets of quality fonts, noContinue reading “Open Sans: A Professional Quality Free Font”

iPhone Photography 2012

I have received several requests that I post more iPhone photography related material. Here is a start, with some iPhone photos I have taken this year. This photo is one of those images that captures everyday life; I shot it as I walked across the front porch, and entered the house. It tells a colorfulContinue reading “iPhone Photography 2012”

Follow CDTobie on Pinterest

For those of you already using the social networking site Pinterest, you might want to take a look at my boards there, covering various areas of photography, as shown in the image below. If you are not yet a member of Pinterest, ask someone you know who is a member to send you an invitation.Continue reading “Follow CDTobie on Pinterest”