Photokina: Canon EOS 6D Camera Announced

Canon EOS 6D (image copyright, Canon, inc)

No sooner had I commented that Canon and Nikon had already made their big camera releases for the year, then Canon comes out with the new Canon EOS 6D.

What can I say. Well, if you already bought, or an afford, a  Canon EOS 5D Mark lll, then this isn’t of interest, unless you need a backup body. Where this camera gets interesting is for those who can’t justify a 5D Mark lll.

No compact flash support, but camera memory is so affordable now, thats hardly an issue. You can continue using your 5D Mark ll and Mark lll batteries, if you have them. I’ll see if I can get my hands on one at the show this week, but I prodict the crowd will be heavy!

Credits: C. David Tobie, Copyright 2012. Website: Return to Blog’s Main Page


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