WEBINAR: Color Management Using Spyder Technology, Wednesday Sept 19, at 1PM & 7PM EDT

On Wednesday September 19th, at 1PM and again at 7PM Eastern Time, David Saffir and I will present a webinar on Color Management using Spyder technology. This is a general webinar, introducing the concepts of color management as well as the most recent tools for color management to photographers, digital artists, and designers.

You can register for this webinar here.

There will be a Datacolor Spyder4Pro given away to a participant at each webinar, and there are likely to be some excellent specials offered as well.

This webinar series has been very popular, so be sure to sign up now to reserve a space. Our last webinar, on a highly specialized topic, was attended by people from 35 countries around the globe. So we are offering this webinar at two different times, to attempt to make it easier for those from other time zones, or with other schedules, to attend.

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This blog covers a range of issues of interest to photographers and those involved in the digital photographic workflow, digital tools and platforms, and fine art output.

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