Photokina TV interview with C. David Tobie on SpyderCAPTURE PRO

Here is a link to my recent interview on Photokina TV. The topic was the release of Datacolor’s new SpyderCAPTURE PRO bundle. The response to the new bundle, and to Datacolor’s Capture Color Workflow was very positive at the show. If you are interested in learning more about SpyderCAPTURE PRO, click on the video linkContinue reading “Photokina TV interview with C. David Tobie on SpyderCAPTURE PRO”

Another Milestone for CDTobie’s Photo Blog: 100,000 Page Views

Its been a bit over six months since I started this blog. In the last week, with Photokina news, and with incoming traffic from such sites as ZDNet, Daring Fireball, DPReview, Luminous Landscape, Extreme Tech, NorthLight Images, and MacRumors (all of those just today, actually), I’ve watched the total page views of the blog creepContinue reading “Another Milestone for CDTobie’s Photo Blog: 100,000 Page Views”

Latest List of Cameras Offering Auto-Focus Micro-Adjustment

Here’s an update to the list of cameras which offer auto-focus micro-adjustment functions. One reason this is important is the ability to adjust these cameras using auto-focus targets such as Datacolor’s SpyderLensCal. The latest Canon models actually allow calibration at both ends of the zoom range of zoom lenses. Keep in mind that a toolContinue reading “Latest List of Cameras Offering Auto-Focus Micro-Adjustment”

Photokina: Datacolor Announces SpyderCAPTURE PRO

The Color Calibration Status Quo Photographers have long understood that the most important element in controlling their color is display calibration. And those that are serious about making their own prints also understand the value of custom printer profiles in getting the best results and reducing trial-and-error test prints. But many photographers are only recentlyContinue reading “Photokina: Datacolor Announces SpyderCAPTURE PRO”

Photokina: Hasselblad & Mamiya Leaf announce new Medium Format Cameras

Both Hasselblad and Mamiya Leaf have announced medium format cameras today at Photokina. Here are a couple of links for the Hasselblad H5D, and the Mamiya Leaf 645 DF+, for those with an interest in this category of cameras. The Hasselblad press event today was standing room only. Credits: C. David Tobie, Copyright 2012. Website: ReturnContinue reading “Photokina: Hasselblad & Mamiya Leaf announce new Medium Format Cameras”

Photokina: New Leica S Medium Format Hybrid Camera Announced

Word is out of a new Leica S series camera, in that interesting category with a DSLR-style body but a medium format sensor, and lenses that can support that sensor size. More info should be available later in the week, for those with an interest in this rather unique type of hybrid camera.

Photokina: Google Acquires NIK Software

This is not actually a Photokina announcement, but I expect it to be the talk of Photokina none the less: Google has acquired NIK software, author of many excellent image editing applications, including last year’s iPad of the year award winner Snapseed. One could ponder what a company that does not offer professional photographic applicationsContinue reading “Photokina: Google Acquires NIK Software”

Photokina: Canon EOS 6D Camera Announced

No sooner had I commented that Canon and Nikon had already made their big camera releases for the year, then Canon comes out with the new Canon EOS 6D. What can I say. Well, if you already bought, or an afford, a  Canon EOS 5D Mark lll, then this isn’t of interest, unless you needContinue reading “Photokina: Canon EOS 6D Camera Announced”

Photokina, A Few First Impressions…

Here is my view of Cologne and Photokina. Starting, literally, with my view: from my hotel room window. Hotel windows in Europe don’t treat you like small children. They actually open, and allow you to look out, to hang out to take photos (something I’ve often put to good use), or even to fall outContinue reading “Photokina, A Few First Impressions…”