Micro-adjustment of Screen Brightness with Mac 10.7.4

As of Mac OS X 10.7.4, it is now possible to make finer adjustments to screen brightness on Apple displays, allowing more precise targeting of your display luminance. To use this new feature with Spyder4Elite, just hold down the Shift and Option keys while pressing the brightness up (large sun) or brightness down (small sun) keys when targeting your optimum brightness level. This will subdivide the current 16 levels into 64 levels. In the illustration below, please note that the end of the bar indicating the brightness level no longer ends at an even square, but at a subsection of a square.

New Micro-adjust Brightness Indicator

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ZDNet picks up CDTobie’s Photo Blog on Retina Display MBP

ZDNet’s logo

ZDNet, a major tech publisher, picked up this blog’s recent series of articles on the Retina display MacBook Pro, and published an article of their own consisting of quotes from my series, with short comments by the ZDNet’s writer David Morgenstern. This is a common ZD practice that follows copyright rules of fair usage. So far the result has been an increase in blog traffic, though it has yet to reach the levels of the first few days after I published those articles.

So on the “turnabout is fair play” theory, I’m writing an article about them writing an article about the articles I’d already written. I hope that is “meta” enough for you. I’ll link Mr. Morgenstern’s piece, but frankly, if you’ve already read my articles on the topic, there’s nothing new there. If you haven’t yet read my pieces: they were good enough for ZDNet, so maybe you should reconsider!

ZDNet’s headline; which may sound fairly familiar…

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