Datacolor Spyder4TV HD Cross-Grade Now Available

Datacolor released Spyder4TV HD recently, and I wrote a quick review of it. I immediately began getting email from people asking when the cross-grade from Spyder4Elite and Spyder4Pro would be available. The only answer I could offer was “soon”…

Well, soon is here. The Datacolor website now has a product page for the S4TV HD Cross-grade. If you own Spyder4Elite or Pro, you may want to purchase the cross-grade for calibrating TVs, Home Theaters, and Video Reference Displays. The cross-grade includes the necessary serial number to use your current Spyder4 with the TV HD software, plus four optical discs (a software install disc, NTSC and Pal/SeCAM DVDs, and a BluRay disc) and the SpyderWeb device to attach your Spyder to large TV screens. Pricing is listed at $69US.

Sp[yder4TV HD attached with the SpyderWeb

Credits: C. David Tobie, Copyright 2012. Website: Return to Blog’s Main Page


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