Creating a WiFi Network on your Mac: Great for Using SpyderGallery

Overview: This article describes how to create a WiFi network directly from a Mac with built-in WiFi. Such networks do not require a wireless router, and can be used to communicate directly between your Mac and your iPhone or iPad. This makes them ideal for using with the Datacolor SpyderGallery application, which requires WiFi between the iOS device you wish to calibrate, and the Mac that has the Spyder plugged into it. Once you know this trick you will use it for lots of other things, including moving files between your devices.

Preliminaries: Before we begin, if you intend to use this article to set up a network for SpyderGallery, then you will first need to download SpyderGallery for the iPhone or iPad to your device from the Apple iOS App Store. Then you will need to launch the App, and follow the directions for going to Datacolor’s website, and downloading the Helper App for Mac or Windows. Since this article deals with configuring a network on the Mac, I’ll assume thats the version you will download and install. I will also assume you have a recent version of the Mac OS and an up-to-date version of iOS on your iPhone or iPad; otherwise things may look different, and options may not be available.

Location, Location, Location: If you are in a hotel or public place where the WiFi is slow, unreliable, or unsafe, or somewhere that there is no WiFi at all (really, this will work on a mountain top, as long as you have some battery power in your MacBook and your iOS device) then you may choose to create a Mac-based network. Another good reason for doing this is that the public network you are on is so big you have trouble finding your computer on it from your iOS device. If you are in your own home or small office, with your own WiFi router, then you can practice the steps detailed here, so that you’ll know how to do this later, but you won’t actually need to create a network to use SpyderGallery, as you will have an acceptable one already available.

Step By Step: Here’s the scoop. Start from the WiFi icon in your Mac menu bar. Don’t Know what it looks like? It looks like a quarter pie slice from an archery target.

WiFi Icon

If the icon is not in your menu bar, then go to System Preferences in the Apple Menu, as shown below.

System Preferences Menu

In System Preferences, choose the Network icon, as shown below:

Network Icon

In the resulting window, check the option at the bottom for showing the wireless network in the menu bar:

Check “Show Wifi in Menu Bar”

This will now make the WiFi icon appear in your menu bar, and you can follow the directions in this article, though directly accessing the WiFi settings from Preferences would accomplish the same thing. The WiFi menu that will popdown from the menu bar icon is shown below. You will select the “Create Network” option that is highlighted in this illustration.

Create Network Option under WiFi

This will open the window shown below, where you will name and create your network. Security won’t be an issue on that mountain top, but in other locations you should secure your network.

Create Network Options

Once you have created your network, it will now show a different menu bar icon, to represent your network status.

New Icon

Now your network is active, and you can move to your iPhone or iPad, where you can select this network as your current WiFi network. To do this, go into Settings, which will be on the first screen of you iOS icons, unless you have moved it to another screen.

iOS Settings Icon

Here you will make sure that WiFi is turned on, and then choose your newly created network.

WiFi Settings under iOS

Now you should be all set to use SpyderGallery, or any other application that needs WiFi to communicate with your Mac.

Credits: C. David Tobie, Copyright 2012. Website: Return to Blog’s Main Page

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