Free Accessory for Canon 5D Mark lll; Don’t Leave Home Without It

Whenever you get a new camera, there are always controls and settings to learn or relearn. It can be frustrating when a simple task like setting the ISO or changing to modes keeps you from being able to shoot. Reading the user’s guide is one solution, but its so similar to the previous models, and so long that your eyes may glaze before reaching the parts that are most needed. And many people learn best from hands-on experience. So one helpful accessory is a copy of the Pocket Guide in a place where you’ll always have it handy: on your smart phone or tablet.

Downloading the Pocket Guide PDF for the Canon 5D Mark lll  is a fairly straightforward process, since the file is only about a meg and a half in size. But the link to get to the Brochures and Manuals page does not always trigger the list of available Brochures and Manuals. If you get a blank page, between the list of pages (Overview, What’s in the Box, Brochures & Manuals, etc) and the footer (prices and specifications may vary…) then try a different browser. You can also check that a popup survey window hasn’t been missed, which is stalling the loading of the page content. Once you have the list of contents available, the bottom of the Guides and Manuals section should contain the Pocket Guide (EOS 5D Mark lll). Downloading should not take long, since its a fairly small file.

Next email the file to yourself, and download it to all your mobile devices. I put it on both my iPhone, which has the advantage of always being with me, and my iPad, which has the advantage of a larger screen. Now you’ll have basic directions to key functions with you when you need them, and without digging into your camera bag in search of a printed copy. Happy shooting!

Sample Page from the 5D Mark lll Pocket Guide

Credits: C. David Tobie, Copyright 2012. Website: Return to Blog’s Main Page

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