The Tuscany of America; Palouse Photo Tour and Workshop

My favorite photography destination is Tuscany. There are so many things to love about shooting there. Several of the key elements are the special quality of the light, the amazingly sensual forms of the landscape, the incredible colors, and the sense of space. Well, if we define photography as “light on forms in space” andContinue reading “The Tuscany of America; Palouse Photo Tour and Workshop”

Techniques for Floral Photography; or Any Photography

Floral photography seems to be a frequent topic recently. This article is a series of photos, each focused on a single concept that can enrich floral images, or many other types of images. Include Architecture: Architecture can add to floral images by providing a context, telling a story, and strengthening the visual image. Shoot LoChro: Flower imagesContinue reading “Techniques for Floral Photography; or Any Photography”

Creating a WiFi Network on your Mac: Great for Using SpyderGallery

Overview: This article describes how to create a WiFi network directly from a Mac with built-in WiFi. Such networks do not require a wireless router, and can be used to communicate directly between your Mac and your iPhone or iPad. This makes them ideal for using with the Datacolor SpyderGallery application, which requires WiFi between the iOS deviceContinue reading “Creating a WiFi Network on your Mac: Great for Using SpyderGallery”

Tuning Printer Profiles to Specific Display Conditions

The issue of adjusting images for a specific viewing condition came up recently, and I promised to put together a short article on the tools available in SpyderPrint, from Datacolor, to make such adjustments as simple as possible. Lets assume you have already built a custom SpyderPrint profile for your printer, inks, and paper of choice.Continue reading “Tuning Printer Profiles to Specific Display Conditions”

Canon Announcement on 5D Mk lll Low Light Issue, and Effected Serial Numbers

For those of you who have been concerned about the 5D Mark lll low level light metering issue, and for those of you who haven’t really bothered to follow it during the rumor stage but are interested in the results, Canon has made an announcement on the topic that should be of interest. I’ve beenContinue reading “Canon Announcement on 5D Mk lll Low Light Issue, and Effected Serial Numbers”

Firmware Update for Canon 5D Mark lll; Download it Now

Its not unusual for a new camera to have a firmware update shortly after release. Canon has just posted such an update for the 5D Mark lll. You should definitely download and install this update if you own a Mark lll, and should check the firmware version in any Mark lll you purchase in theContinue reading “Firmware Update for Canon 5D Mark lll; Download it Now”

How NOT to Do Color Critical Work

Subtitle: Whats Wrong with this Picture? The intent here is not to pick on Dell in particular; they offer a range of displays that are often quite good for their price points. But they are promulgating The Myth of the Corner Office in the image captured from one of their ads above. Take a goodContinue reading “How NOT to Do Color Critical Work”

Studio Calibration Webinar now Available for Viewing

Last Wednesday David Saffir and myself presented a Datacolor Webinar on Studio Display Calibration. It is now available for viewing. It answers a few tricky questions about screen to screen matching, ambient light and other advanced issues. You can view it here. Credits: C. David Tobie, Copyright 2012. Website: Return to Blog’s Main Page

Free Accessory for Canon 5D Mark lll; Don’t Leave Home Without It

Whenever you get a new camera, there are always controls and settings to learn or relearn. It can be frustrating when a simple task like setting the ISO or changing to modes keeps you from being able to shoot. Reading the user’s guide is one solution, but its so similar to the previous models, andContinue reading “Free Accessory for Canon 5D Mark lll; Don’t Leave Home Without It”

Datacolor Spyder4TV HD Serial Numbers

Datacolor released Spyder4TV HD recently, and I wrote a quick review of it, to announce its availability. So, when someone runs a search for the product name, my review is one of the hits on the first page. It is possible from WordPress to see the search terms used from incoming hits, and, not surprisingly, Spyder4TV is inContinue reading “Datacolor Spyder4TV HD Serial Numbers”