An Update on the Global View of Photography

The map below is an update of the one published a few days ago. The text below it is my original analysis of where people have casual internet access, speak English, and are interested in Photography; the trifecta that is needed to access this blog.

The additions since the original post add a lot more color to the map. Chile is a welcome addition, though Brazil adds more color in South America. In South East Asia, Indonesia proves to be a lot larger than I realized, and quite a bit larger than Thailand. But its Russia which makes the biggest difference. This is due to the size of the country, plus the distortion that a flat map produces in near Arctic regions. Remember, it may be a couple of readers in Moscow or Saint Petersburg that are responsible for all that color. So, thanks again, all of you who have lit up this map with your interest in photography.

The world map above shows the locations where this blog has been read in the last week. The color gradient is not very effective, basically the US is red, and everywhere else is orange, if there have been page reads from that country, or gray if there have not. But this data still says something about photography, about where English is spoken, and about where the internet is a casual component of people’s lives.

All the English speaking countries are represented, as is all of Western Europe and Scandinavia, and the more English-fluent countries of Eastern Europe (including, I’m delighted to say, Cypress). Central and South America are largely missing because I don’t blog in Spanish or Portuguese (interestingly that doesn’t stop people in Spain and Portugal). The more connected of the countries in the Middle East are represented (United Arab Emirates and Israel), and a few countries in Asia with a lot of English contact (India, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore). I am a bit disappointed to see not a single hit in Japan or Hong Kong, but perhaps over time.

So, Hello World; I’m honored that you are reading my blog, and I hope that it will spread to more of those remaining gray areas on the map over time. If you are reading from any of the countries highlighted on the map, please feel free to enter a comment below, saying “Argentina is orange because of me!” or some such note.

Credits: C. David Tobie, Copyright 2012.   Website:   Return to Blog’s Main Page


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