My First Appearance in Freshly Pressed

My first article to appear in the WordPress Freshly Pressed digital magazine was published today. The FAQs warned that they would contact you, ask for typo corrections etc, if they ever selected one of your pieces. Not so much… they just put it up, no warning at all; if I hadn’t seen in my stats that there were readers coming in from Fresh Pressed, I wouldn’t ever have known. So here’s photographic (or screenshot) proof.



5 responses to “My First Appearance in Freshly Pressed

    • I can’t claim to understand the criteria. It was not my most read article, though it might have been read more times in its first few hours than anything else to date… That would be my best guess.

  1. Congratulations on an appearance on Freshly Pressed, considering that this blog has only been around for less than a month!

    I must say your actual portfolio website is amazing, and the ‘Image Critique’ Sections here are outstanding, I’ve followed you and can’t wait for more!

    I’ve noticed that you’ve only got one affiliated blog in your ‘Blogroll,’ I would like to know if you’d want to be affiliated with my blog tEdits, which is essentially my Graphic Design/Photography Portfolio, with bits of my blogging inbetween.

    Thanks, and congrats once again on this magnificent achievement!

    • Thanks! But I think I’m going to be conservative, and save the blogroll for the associates I actually work with in real life… yes, there was still a real life out there, last time I looked.

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