Color Comparison: Canon 5D Mark ll and Mark lll

As the next generation of Nikon and Canon cameras hit the street, one of the questions that always occurs to me is how these new bodies interpret color, in relation to the tried and true models they are replacing. I will be testing  more than one such pair, but lets begin with the newly releasedContinue reading “Color Comparison: Canon 5D Mark ll and Mark lll”

Datacolor Releases Spyder4TV HD

Datacolor’s line of new Spyder4 products has been available since the first of the year. But one obvious component has been missing: there has been no Spyder4-based Home Theater and Video Reference Display calibration tool. Now that remaining gap in the Spyder4 line as been filled with the release of Spyder4TV HD. I’ve been waitingContinue reading “Datacolor Releases Spyder4TV HD”

New Portfolio of iPhone Landscape & Arch. Images

Landscape and Archtectural photos are usually taken with DSLR or Medium Format cameras. But its possible to shoot very effective images with the iPhone, as long as high resolution is not required. If such images are thought of as small images of larger things, they can be quite pleasing. As iPhone camera resolution increases, “small”Continue reading “New Portfolio of iPhone Landscape & Arch. Images”

New Portfolio of iPhone Macro Images

The iPhone camera lends itself to macro and closeup photos. The more recent models are particularly good at this type of imaging. This portfolio explores some of the types of macros possible with the iPhone. To see the entire portfolio go to CDTobie’s Portfolios. Credits: C. David Tobie, Copyright 2012. Website: Return to Blog’sContinue reading “New Portfolio of iPhone Macro Images”

Photoshop World DC, Coming Right Up

Its that time of year again, cherry blossoms in the Nation’s Capital, and Photoshop World DC. Well, with this year’s weather I won’t be surprised if the cherry blossoms have come and gone, but Photoshop World will make up for it. Any of you wishing to meet up with me will find me speaking atContinue reading “Photoshop World DC, Coming Right Up”

More Answers about the new iPad and Color

Please see the previous articles in this series: Color Management and the iPad Questions about the new iPad and Color Answers about the new iPad and Color The graph above compares the color gamut of earlier iPads to the new iPad. The difference is quite apparent. Ever since the days of the early color screenContinue reading “More Answers about the new iPad and Color”

RAW Formats and Converters – Part 4: Which Apps to Update?

Please read the First, Second, and Third articles of this Series. Our previous analysis has helped us understand the formats and conversions involved in RAW workflows. But it hasn’t come down to the questions that cost us the money: Which apps do we have to keep updated, for compatibility with new cameras, and other new apps? The simplest workflowContinue reading “RAW Formats and Converters – Part 4: Which Apps to Update?”

RAW Formats and Converters – Part 3: What Import Route?

Please read the First and Second articles of this Series Now that we have covered the basics on RAW and DNG formats, the next issue is one of the route you choose for getting your camera files into the applications you use. A future article will cover systems for processing your files into rendered TIF files forContinue reading “RAW Formats and Converters – Part 3: What Import Route?”

Datacolor Spyder4 Webinar, Wednesday at 3PM EDT

David Saffir and I will be presenting a webinar on the features, functions, and accuracy of the new Spyder4 line of Datacolor products this Wednesday, March 21, at 3PM on the East Coast, Noon on the West Coast; the rest of you  know how to figure your local time from that. If you are interestedContinue reading “Datacolor Spyder4 Webinar, Wednesday at 3PM EDT”

New iPad Color Article’s International Traffic

The article I published last Friday afternoon on the color gamut of the new iPad had received well over 5000 views by the finish of the weekend. One interesting statistic that can be derived from the Stats section of the WordPress system is what countries the blog’s page reads have been coming from. Take aContinue reading “New iPad Color Article’s International Traffic”