Shooting, Processing, and Publishing Images on the iPhone

There are many different mobile photo workflows. Some involve images imported to the phone from other sources, and processed in mobile image editing apps. Other images are shot with the phone, then downloaded or emailed to a computer, where more powerful apps can be used to process them, and where printing is more straight forward.Continue reading “Shooting, Processing, and Publishing Images on the iPhone”

Light on Forms in Space

Light on forms in space is a standard definition of what photography captures. But it is also a description of a type of image that transcends standard content, and where the two dimensional graphic elements of the image are strong enough to compete with the three dimensional representational aspects of the image. The result canContinue reading “Light on Forms in Space”

What will iPad 3 Mean to Photographers?

The announcement of the upcoming iPad 3 surprised no one; it would have been surprising if Apple hadn’t announced a new iPad, with a higher resolution screen and a more powerful processor. The question for the photo industry is: how will this impact photographers? Or more to the point: why should you get one? LetsContinue reading “What will iPad 3 Mean to Photographers?”

It’s Spring in Barcelona, and the Sporks are Blooming

Each year the first hint of spring brings a crop of fresh new designs to Barcelona’s mobile conference. Since this event hosts the “Not Apple” crowd, these designs may be less elegant that we might prefer in our latest toys. This sometimes makes the process of determining which prototype may hold the essence of aContinue reading “It’s Spring in Barcelona, and the Sporks are Blooming”

Back By Special Request; More Tuscan Images

The response (mostly direct, but some on Facebook or WordPress) to yesterday’s sample of my “Through a Lens Darkly” images was gratifying; thank you all. I have processed several more today, and will add a few below. The link to see the whole collection on my photo website is here: I plan to coverContinue reading “Back By Special Request; More Tuscan Images”

Dell is the latest Tech Co to Retarget

Dell has just announced that it’s changing its focus. While a number of companies have chosen to emulate, and compete against, Apple in their new plans, Dell has gone the direction chosen first  by IBM:  not focussing on the low profit PC market, and instead concentrating on the more profitable areas in business technology. HPContinue reading “Dell is the latest Tech Co to Retarget”

Score one for Apple

If you have not been following the Mobile Patent Wars (which are becoming as complex as the War of the Roses) then the simple announcement that Apple has won a round against Motorola Mobility (and thus against Google, who is acquiring MotoMo) won’t have much context. But this particular round appears to be an importantContinue reading “Score one for Apple”

Ponderings on Phone Photography

As phone cameras, and phone image editing apps, improve the field of mobile phone photography is growing madly. I’m not talking about the photos people take of their friends at parties, or their families at events, or their new car when it first comes home, or even their dog or cat being cute. I meanContinue reading “Ponderings on Phone Photography”

The Future of Photo: Beyond the Resolution Wars

As cameras and camera-phones gain sufficient resolution so that increases in pixel count are no longer critical, what will further increases in sensor capabilities be used for? So far, there appear to be a few answers to this question. The first is that multi-layer sensors such as the Foveon chip become less important, as weContinue reading “The Future of Photo: Beyond the Resolution Wars”